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Hoong Ling, is a living liver donor, professional emcee, author, inspirational speaker, social activist, youth advocate and radio deejay. Advocating organ donation since school days, she has been talking about organ donation, encouraging friends and family members to pledge organs since 1993. Walking her talk, she donated part of her liver to someone, in response to an email for what she first thought was an appeal for blood donation. Braving through tough decisions, and going through a process which left a 14-inch "Mercedes" scar on her abdomen, she has always been asked how the process was like.

Ask no more! She has written all her stories from the beginning till how she leads her life after giving her liver in a book she launched in August 2010 - "I Don't Know You but Let Me Save You, A Liver Donor Recounts Her Journey"!


Giving part of her liver to save a life left a Mercedes scar on her abdomen but also won her the GRAND PRIZE in Mercedes contest!

I Don't Know You but Let Me Save You is also available
in Chinese entitled 我把肝脏给了一位陌生人

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"For most Malaysians, organ donation remains an idea far removed from their everyday lives. Until they need one. Hoong Ling has managed to demystify the whole process of organ donation, from signing the pledge to actually donating one, in an easy, even humorous, way. Hopefully this will encourage more Malaysians to pledge their organs and help save lives..." 

Marina Mahathir
Women's Rights Activist


Walking with Hoong Ling through the pages of “I Don’t Know You but Let Me Save You” is a humbling experience. It gives an honest account of the spontaneous generosity, the doubts and the dilemma of a young girl who has dedicated her life to giving to just anyone who is in need. She found joy in the happiness she brought to others. This is all the more moving because of the pain Hoong Ling herself went through in her personal life since childhood.

The details of medical investigation and surgery give the patient’s perspective of the organ donation process. It is therefore recommended as a good read for anyone contemplating the process.

I had the privilege of meeting with Hoong Ling who had once served as the President of the Lions Club of Cybercare Kuala Lumpur. She is an example to emulate for those of us who strive to serve the needy.

Her message is clear. ‘It is in giving that we receive’ … many fold. It is hoped that this book will bring about better understanding of the organ donation process and encourage more towards the cause.

Dr. J.P. Kamalanathan
Past District Governor, Lions International District 308B1


"This is a heartfelt account about the author's generous act of kindness to donate her liver, of how she faced her fears and doubt and went on to act out her conviction. Someone once said, the fearless are merely fearless; people who act in spite of their fear, are truly brave..."

Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Khas
President, Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG)


"For many of us, organ donation awareness is the first step, signing the form the second step and through our compassionate act, someone receives our organ and has a new lease on life. Together with Hoong Ling who has shared with honesty, humility and a tinge of humor the significant insights through her story, we too will receive a new lease on life on earth - a more meaningful life..."

Rev. Sivin Kit
Pastor, Bangsar Lutheran Church


"... This book allows us to experience one amazing chapter in Hoong Ling's life, a remarkable and brave young lady who has given a part of her - literally - to someone she barely knew. Being a Muslim, although I know that organ donation is permissible, I am still toying with the idea until now. But her book has nudged me to that direction I never though I would consider..."

Zabrina A. Bakar
Bestselling author, blogger and columnist


"Hoong Ling is a very inspiring lady and someone easy to love and care for. After reading her first draft, I found it a privilege to publish her work. You wold have done the same. You will understand why after reading this book. Hoong Ling, thank you for being you..."

Anas Zubedy
Managing Director, Zubedy Sdn. Bhd.


Special price at USD7.00 only!

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From top (clockwise): Anas Zubedy (Managing Director, Zubedy Sdn. Bhd.); Datuk Maznah Hamid (Executive Chairman, Securiforce); Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor (wife to Malaysia PM)

From top (clockwise): Azizi Ali (Bestselling author, trainer); Joe Liaw (Former 98.8 deejay); Datuk Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysian top singer)

From top (clockwise): Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah (Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Malaysia), Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir (Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia); Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah (wife to former Malaysia PM)

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Special price at USD7.00 only!

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Truly inspirational, inspiring people to act!
Motivational, describing how the author struggles to save a life
Spiritual, how meditation helps the author make decision
Joy of giving, describing the greatest joy of all
Determination, when others' opinion do not count anymore
Miracles, how medical advancement could save lives
Organ donation, no other book can match this
Courageous, a woman braving through fears
Love and peace, how love for mankind creates peace on earth
A great guide for anyone going through liver transplant


About the Author

The Many Faces of Hoong Ling

Hoong Ling

Shaving for a good cause

When receiving The Great Woman Of Our Time Award 2008

Hoong Ling is a Malaysian who has been actively involved in the cause of organ donation since her school days. She has a history of selflessness and always involved in school's extracurricular activities and non-governmental organization (NGO) works. Recently, she was appointed the committee member of the Organ Donation Public Awareness Action Center under the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

An active speaker, she has been invited to present papers in talks, forums, seminars and international conferences. Also former TV Presenter on Selamat Pagi Malaysia (Good Morning Malaysia), she emcees professionally and has made appearances local magazines and newspapers. Her writing has been published in The Star, The Sun, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Money Compass and The Entrepreneur.

Hoong Ling's active lifestyle started early. She was handpicked by the Malaysian government to be among Youth Ambassadors on board the Ship for Southeast Asian Youths in year 2003. Featured as Personality on Akhbar Mahasiswa while still in college, she is also recipient of Selangor Youth Award 2006, Great Women of Our Time Award 2008 and Lions Clubs International District 308-B1 District Governor’s Distinguished Service Award 2009. As a member of the Youth Development Transformation Laboratory organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, she was later appointed by the Minister of Youth and Sports as a member in the National Consultative Youth Council of Malaysia.

Today, Hoong Ling is still a passionate advocate on organ donation. This book marks another phase in her endeavor to convince her brother and sister Malaysians, and the humanity at large, that we may pass away but our body parts can still continue to give life to many others.

A Personal Message from Hoong Ling

From the Desk of Hoong Ling

I'd like to first thank you for visiting this site.

Please buy this book as your support for my coming initiatives for organ donation.

Every purchase of this book channels all profits to more organ donation campaigns.

Your support will surely keep me going and continue the fire of support for organ donation.

Thank you once again for your support!



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Special price at USD7.00 only!

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